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What's Up?

What's up?
Welcome to Lil Fizz .com.Here is a site were you can find out all about your favorite b2k boy.Here you can find info,news,pics and more.Ill keep you updated on all there latest songs,and all there t.v. apperences.
Most of us dig lil fizz's Layed Back style.Plus his cute lil dimples plus have you heard the boy he can really really rap.Not to mention he's mad fine.So at lil fizz you can share what you think,even send me email.I want to hear from you about what you think could make this site better or you can just tell me what you like about it.Just remember i to am a b2k fan so i really would like to hear from you.
                  Love.Peace.And Chicken Grease ,
                                                                        IM Out!!!!!

I will never forget that day when i say him in UH HUH.From that time on ive been hooked to b2k.And about October of 2002 i actually figured out they had a magazine.I was just looking at the mags and i seen b2k.Im like hey what have i been missing all this time,i never even knew about this before that day.And now i don't miss a issue,or a chance to see them were ever they go if they are on t.v i watch them and sheck in daily on there web site.

Picture Of The Week
Have you seen this before?

Don't you just want to kiss him?

Here's some fizz info:

Birthday:November 26,1985
Full Name:Druex Pierrie Fredericks
Favorite Color:Royal Blue
Zodiac Sign:Sagitarius
Favorite Teams:Lakers,Dodgers,Cowboys
Favorite Hobby:Playstation 2 and Basketball
Favorite Foods:Mexican,Gumbo,Flamin Hot Cheetoes